The way of the champion


If you watch, listen, and study champions in various sports, you will find some common habits that separate them from the rest. They have a detailed training program, a passion, and a focus that are relentless. They work hard each day on themselves and on their plan.

To a champion, there are no excuses. Champions make it happen, and nothing becomes a distraction. Champions take responsibility and become record breakers.

What it takes

1. Create your vision. What is it that you really want? Write it down. Be specific about what it will look like when you become a champion. You have to envision success before you can realize it.

2. Live with passion and purpose. You need to be all in. Your passion must be obvious to anyone around you. You have to think and act like a champion. How many can you serve today? Who can you help? Every day should be fulfilling and rewarding.

3. Enjoy the challenge. Being a chiropractor and building a practice and business is a battle. Growing, managing, training, marketing, and treating patients are all part of the process. Embrace and enjoy these processes and become a champion at dealing with these daily issues. Many chiropractors only want to adjust patients and do not want to deal with the rest of the issues.

To be a champion in this business, you must learn to enjoy all the aspects of growing your business.

4. Practice and train. Do you and your team perform your scripts to the best extent possible or can you do better? Champions are always improving. Give your team the proper tools and training to succeed. Practice your communication skills. The best communicators build the biggest businesses.

5. Create winning procedures and scripts. Always tear apart your procedures and scripts to make them better. Consistency is king. Is your team performing like a championship team? Are your systems creating the best outcomes? Are those systems being done the same way every day or just usually?

6. Find the best teammates. Find good people to work with you. Show them your vision and train, develop, and reward them. Spend at least one hour a week on training. Inspect what you expect. Support them by asking what they need, and what you can do better. Find people that believe in you and your brand. They will do whatever it takes. Find people that align with your values and appreciate your brand.

7. Get back to the basics. Continue to review basic procedures. Refresh, re- learn, and practice the fundamentals. The basics are the building blocks that are necessary to grow. Review new patient procedures.

8. Get out of your comfort zone. Practice growth takes place when you are out of your comfort zone. Stretch, and you become bigger, better, and bolder. Your comfort zone will talk you out of being a champion. Growth requires you to act and think differently. Do you want a practice or a business? Find a coach or mentor who can help stretch you.

9. Pound your stakes. Pound your stakes into the boundaries of your community and become the wellness champion. Take a stance, and let the community know who you are and what you do. Out-work, out-think, out-perform, out-train, and out-market the competition. How many business cards can you hand out in a day, a week, or a month? Become the champion of wellness in your community.

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