Of course you can


By the time you’ve spent 50 years in chiropractic, you will have pretty much seen and heard everything involved in creating a successful chiropractic practice – from nightmare stories filled with frustration and disappointment to glorious achievements and miraculous successes.

In the study of successes and failures, there are unmistakable clues as to why some people seem to have a knack for greatness, while others struggle to create the practices and lives of their dreams.

Consider the lessons of a select group of practitioners who explored their entrepreneurial spirit and not only built extremely successful practices, but have gone beyond to create world-class organizations dedicated to serving more people, generating greater services, and producing more income. Ultimately, these experts arrived at a life filled with personal freedom.

If you are in search of true personal and professional greatness, all achievement begins with the question, “What’s possible?” Can you build a million-dollar practice and beyond? Of course you can. Here are some key points to put you on the path to your ideal practice.

  1. Always know your practice statistics on a daily basis. A big part of success has to do with increasing your level of awareness and that of your team. If you don’t know where you are, you will never know what is necessary for you to arrive at your desired destination.
  2. Be completely clear about what you want and the price you are prepared to pay to arrive at your goal. Unless you are prepared to put some things on the sacred altar of change, you will essentially remain the same – only frustrated. And a good definition of the word frustration is: unfulfilled expectations.
  3. Winning in practice and in life is about more than setting goals. Goal-setting is easy and can be done in a vacuum. Achieving and exceeding goals, however, takes persistence, dedication, fearlessness, a tireless work ethic, and a passion for excellence. Even if your goals cause you to stretch, they should still be achievable. Setting goals and missing them reinforces the habit of failure.
  4. There are substantial differences between a practice and a business. Businesses run on systems. Your challenge is to create a series of systems, protocols, procedures, and training that allows your practice to run just as effectively without you as it does when you are present.
  5. Your practice is only as good as the weakest member of your team. Take a lesson from professional ports and super-successful practices: The search for talent is always ongoing. Your training must be ongoing, too, and it must be intense.
  6. Market like a maniac. Can you? Of course you can. Make certain your marketing efforts exceed the outcome you desire. Have enough internal and external programs in the pipeline that you know with certainty that your goals will become reality. Every member of your team should have marketing as part of his or her job description.
  7. Invest heavily in your personal and professional growth. Practices follow people. Therefore, you are precisely where you are supposed to be. If you are committed to expanding your practice beyond your present reach, then dedicate yourself to changing the way you think, behave, lead, market, manage, and communicate.

Every day is another chance to learn and to grow. Life is short; treasure the journey.

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