How to become THE chiropractor in town, starting day one


Imagine: Sue is new to town, and asks her co-worker Jim if he knows of any good chiropractors. Jim immediately recommends you, because he, two other co-workers, and the boss have all been seeing you for the past several months.

It’s practice-growth paradise!

You’re about to learn the unrivaled method to achieving this incredible word-of-mouth advertising. And because it’s so low-cost, new practitioners can get started right away.

From “I’ve Never Heard Of Her” To “I’ve Heard She’s The Best In Town!”

No matter how you envision your ideal practice, one truth remains: you’ll meet your goals most efficiently, professionally and affordably, when using lay lecture marketing throughout your community as your chief patient-attraction method.

When you deliver a presentation, you build an instant rapport with your audience members that you cannot achieve via other forms of marketing. People will trust you, feel like they know you, and therefore will be more likely to make an appointment. And yes, this is the case even if you’re new to public speaking.
For audience members who don’t make an appointment right away, they will remember you, and will call YOU when they need a chiropractor.

Colorful printed ads are attractive, but people are more interested in WHO their doctor really is. When someone has a choice to make an appointment with you via your presentation, or with an unknown doctor from an ad they’ve seen (even if it’s a well written ad), you’ll win almost every time.

With each speaking engagement, you’ll quickly and easily build your credibility and
your name recognition, leading to more new patients. It doesn’t get better than that!

9 Presentation Secrets To Jump-Start Your Success!

1. Don’t be too technical with your talk content. Since it’s hard to step out of a scientifically-conditioned mindset, many chiropractors deliver what they think is an excellent talk, and while it may be from our point of view, it’s quite confusing from the layperson’s perspective. Simplify your content by:

• Using easy analogies (the more specific to your audience, the better) to help explain subluxations and the nervous system.
• Shortening up your sentences.
• Using colorful visuals to accompany more technical points.

2. Include a special offer at the close of your talk. People need a reason to act- and the fact is, becoming healthy is not always a strong enough motivator! Don’t just invite people to make appointments at their leisure. Say, “As a thank you for being here, I have a special offer for you.” Present a discount, a gift card, or a complimentary massage for anyone who schedules that day. Or, extend the offer for a week, and give them a printed version of your coupon to take home.

3. Use your personality! New public speakers are often so concerned with making mistakes, running out of time, etc., that they become robotic in their delivery style. A great personality is just as important as great talk content, so make sure to have some fun! Insert humor, change the inflections of your voice, smile, walk down the aisle of the room, and dress comfortably.

Stay tuned for Presentation Secrets 4, 5 and 6. You won’t want to miss them!

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