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Vitalism vs. mechanism

Vitalism vs. mechanism: A fresh view

In my 50 years of practice, I’ve seen many a professional movement come and go. The argument that’s currently causing a stir in chiropractic circles is the question of “vitalism” versus “mechanism.” This debate has also been referred to as the “straights” versus the “mixers,” but it is basically the same quarrel. You can be sure that as your career progresses, you will hear these ideas pop up again and again, but with new and trendier names.

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To really build your business and get better clinical outcomes, incorporate nutrition into your practice right from the start.

Develop good habits from the start

If you’re nearing graduation, it may seem daunting to think about treating patients on your own. This will be especially true if you’re building your own practice from the ground up, but it’s also true if you’re joining a practice with a group of other doctors. Either way, you’ll need to begin with good business habits that will help you build your patient base from day one. To really build your business and get better clinical outcomes, it can make a big difference to incorporate nutrition into your practice right from the start.

Understand the power of first impressions

The power of first impressions: Part 1

When new patients call for an appointment, that phone call is their first impression of your practice, so it should be welcoming and professional. And just as important is their first visual impression of your office. Does your office reflect prestige and respect, or present a cold atmosphere and a lack of confidence? If the patient’s first impressions are good ones, that can lead to more informative doctor- patient interactions.

Learn how to practice chiropractic self-care

The importance of taking care of yourself in chiropractic school

In my first trimester at New York Chiropractic College, all incoming first-year students were assigned a student mentor. The advice mine gave me was: “You must take care of yourself if you’re going to take care of others.” In that spirit, here are some techniques to keep you on top of your health even when the demands of chiropractic school and beginning practice become overwhelming. Get into a routine and stick to it: For example, if you are a morning person, get up before your first class or morning shift to go to the gym or for a run. This is your sacred time, and once your routine is established, breaking it becomes difficult.

Make sure you brush up on these subjects that you may have missed in chiropractic school

Did you miss these subjects in chiropractic school?

For those of you looking to open up a practice after graduation, here are a few classes that you might not have taken in chiropractic school. Gain insights from online education courses that can fill in the gaps of what school might have missed. Listed are the course names, links, professors, course descriptions, and why I added them to the list.