Career Development

5 things they don’t teach you in school

Suppose I’m speaking to a state association and a recent graduate returns from the lunch break early: “Do you have a minute?” she asks. A frustrated associate arranges an hour telephone consult with me: “Here’s my problem…” he confesses. From such conversations, I’ve learned the following five essentials that aren’t getting adequate coverage in chiropractic colleges.

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Learn marketing on a budget

Efficiently marketing your chiropractic practice on a budget

Most chiropractors say they are in the business of healing. But they are really in the marketing business. When you build your brand in your community, you spark referrals. The more you market, the more profitable your business. Even so, some chiropractors think “marketing” is a dirty word. But the fact is you are indeed in marketing because everything you do requires establishing your value to create a long-standing customer relationship.

sports chiropractic practice

How to build a successful sports chiropractic practice

The prevention and care of sports-related musculoskeletal injuries in middle and high school athletes is virtually ignored by traditional healthcare providers. At the same time, no other profession is as equipped or qualified as chiropractic to care for this population. If your goal is to build a sports practice, here’s what you need to know.

thank you letters

The importance of writing great thank you letters

Chiropractic school is tough. You’re forced to balance studying, extracurricular activities, diet, exercise, and now some school sponsored motivational guru just told you that to be successful you have to start networking too. Everyone tells you that networking is how you get a job but studying comes first, right? Here’s how you can do both.