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The way of the champion

If you watch, listen, and study champions in various sports, you will find some common habits that separate them from the rest. They have a detailed training program, a passion, and a focus that are relentless. They work hard each day on themselves and on their plan. To a champion, there are no excuses. Champions make it happen, and nothing becomes a distraction. Champions take responsibility and become record breakers. What it takes 1. Create your vision. What is it that you really want? Write it down. Be specific about what it will look like when you become a champion. You have to envision success before you can realize it. 2. Live with passion and… full story

What does a successful associate look like?

Many successful chiropractors started as associates. Sometimes associates spend years working for someone else before they go out on their one. An associate position can lead to a practice purchase, a partnership,… full story

Don’t send out that BARE resume!

What does that mean?  It means you should never send out a resume or CV (they are the same thing, really) without a cover letter.  A cover letter serves several purposes: • It… full story

StudentDC Expert Insights
Perry Chinn

Chiropractic Gets Results

(The following as submitted to the Plexus, the journal of the Washington State Chiropractic Association) The above title may appear so... Read More
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Kelly Robbins

When One Door Closes Another One Opens -- But the Hallway Sure Sucks!

When One Door Closes Another One Opens -- But the Hallway Sure Sucks!   As December moves along into January... Read More
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Anthony Lombardi, DC

Influencing Other Professions: Jason Lomond OT interviews Anthony Lombardi DC

  Guest: Written by Jason Lomond, OT: Over my career Ive made it a habit of learning from others, particularly those... Read More
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Job Openings

  • Associate Doctor - Chalmette, LA 1/20/2015
  • Dean of Clinics - Pasadena, TX 1/09/2015
  • Associate - Jacksonville, FL 1/07/2015
  • Associate Wanted - Fort Collins, CO 1/07/2015
  • Boise Associate Wanted - Boise, ID 1/06/2015
  • Wanted ! Associate Chiropractors looking for opportunities in Asia! - Alachua, FL 1/06/2015
  • Chiropractic Associate Position Available - Mill Valley, CA 1/05/2015
  • Independent Contractor in Fairfax, VA - Fairfax, VA 1/03/2015
  • Practice for Sale in Washington, DC - Washington, DC 1/02/2015
  • Director of Clinics - San Jose, CA 12/23/2014
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    Recent Job Openings
    Associate Doctor
    Chalmette, LA1/20/2015

    Associate Doctor ... More

    Dean of Clinics
    Pasadena, TX1/09/2015

    Founded in 1908, Texas Chiropractic College is the fourth oldest chiropractic college in the nation and recognized ... More

    Jacksonville, FL1/07/2015

    Interested in creating your vision of a practice within our locations? You will learn from a DC who has built thriving practices, yet you’ll have the freedom to implement processes ... More