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Do you have to be a salesman?

From time to time as you surf the Internet, you encounter the online chiropractic community. And too often you see the boards, groups, and blogs of bitter chiropractors who have come to believe that success at chiropractic is impossible. A common theme you can detect through their resentment is that…

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The C’s of success

There are key qualities and characteristics that make the difference between those who are just proficient… full story

Proficient or prevailing?

Over the past several years, my team has owned or launched more than 100 clinics. We… full story

StudentDC Expert Insights
Mark Sanna

HCR Update from Mark Sanna: Good Neighbors Good for Your Heart

There's no place like home, it would seem, with regard to cardiovascular health. New research suggests that living in... Read More
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Anthony Lombardi, DC

What Does Functional Assessment/Treatment Mean To Steve Martinow?

  Steve Martinow – Chiropractic student entering 7th trimester student clinic phase Steve is the co-president of the... Read More
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Dr. Drew Stevens

Why Chiropractic Practices Fail

Every day I get a call from chiropractors whose chiropractic practice is enduring. There is an absence of patients,... Read More
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Building a brand
The importance of having a personal brand

CAM Therapies
Empowered Health News - April 22, 2008

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